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Q1 The number of flip-flops required in a decade counter are-
A) 4   B) 3   C) 2   D) 10
Answer Key : A

Q2 Maximum data rate of a channel for a noiseless 2-kHz binary channel is
A) 2000 bps   B) 3000 bps
C) 1000 bps   D) 4000 bps
Answer Key : D

Q3 Kirchhoff’s law will fail in case of-
A) Non linear networks 
B) Distributed parameter networks
C) Dual networks 
D) Linear networks
Answer Key : B

Q4 Which among the following is a valid string function?

A) Strcut       B) Strpbrk
C) Strcmp     D) Strxfrm
Answer Key : C

Q5 Which of the following is non-linear data structure?
A) Stacks      B) Array
C) Graph      D) Linked list
Answer Key : C

Q6 What is the ripple factor of fullwave bridge rectifier?
A) 1.321 B) 0.482
C) 1.414 D) 1.212
Answer Key : B

Q7 A double beam oscilloscope has
A) Two screens 
B) One vertical amplifier
C) Two different phosphorcoatings 
D) Two electron guns
Answer Key : D

Q8 Alogic circuit which is used to change a BCD number into an equivalent decimal number is-
A) Code converter    B) Decoder
C) Multiplexer           D) Encoder
Answer Key : B

Q9 What is the full form of FTP?
A) File transfer protocol 
B) Form transfer protocol
C) File transmission protocol 
D) Form transmission protocol
Answer Key : A

Q10 If two capacitors of 4 pF each are connected in series, their total capacitance is-
A) 2 pF   B) 8 pF  C) 16 pF   D) 4 pF
Answer Key : A

Q11 The number of unused states in a n-bit Johnson Counter is:
A) 2n     B) 2n-1  C) 2n – n  D) 2n – 2n
Answer Key : D

Q12 Which of the following components store energy in the form of electrical charges?
A) Resistors          B) Transformers
C) Capacitors       D) Inductors
Answer Key : C

Q13 Relay is used to-
A) Break the fault current 
B) Sense the fault
C) Control low voltage circuits with the help of high voltage signals 
D) Control high voltage circuits with the help of low voltage signals
Answer Key : D

Q14 The parallel outputs of a counter circuit represent the:
A) Clock frequency 
B) Counter modules
C) Parallel data word 
D) Clock count
Answer Key : D

Q15 1 dB corresponds to ________ change in power level.
A) 50%          B) 35%
C) 14%          D) 26%
Answer Key : D

Q16 LAN, WAN and MAN are computer networks covering different area. Their first alphabets L, W and M respectively stand for-
A) Local, World and Middle
B) Least, Wireless and Maximum
C) Local, Wide and Metropolitan
D) Long, Wireless and Metropolitan
Answer Key : C

Q17 The server on the Internet is also known as-
A) Gateway         B) Hub
C) Host                 D) Repeater
Answer Key : C

Q18 Name the PCB side on which the components are mounted.
A) Solder side B) Component side
C) Copper side D) Track side
Answer Key : B

Q19 The envelope detector is a/an-
A) Synchronous detector
B) Asynchronous detector
C) Coherent detector
D) Product demodulator
Answer Key : B

Q20 A labeled statement consists of an identifier followed by-
A) Colon B) Equal to
C) Comma D) Semicolon
Answer Key : A

Q21 __________ is the device which acts like an N-P-N and a P-N-P transistor connected base-to-base and emitter-to-collector.
A) TRIAC           B) UJT
C) SCR                D) DIAC
Answer Key : C

Q22 The radix/base of octal number system is-
A) 2      B) 10      C) 4       D) 8
Answer Key : D

Q23 What is the device used for measuring the power in an optical signal?
A) Optical fiber length meter
B) Optical multi-analyte meter
C) Optical power meter
D) Optical spectrometer
Answer Key : C


Q24 What is the time period of a monostable 555 multivibrator?
A) T = 3RC          B) T = RC
C) T = 1.1RC       D) T = 0.33RC
Answer Key : C

Q25 _________ is used for transmitting files between computers on the Internet over TCP/IP connections.


Answer Key : B

Q26 A 4-bit binary ripple counter uses flip-flop with a propagation delay time of 25ns each. The maximum possible time required for change of state will be-
A) 50ns             B) 100ns
C) 25ns             D) 75ns

Answer Key : B


Q27 Process of transferring data electronically from one place to another is called-

A) Data receiving
B) Data processing
C) Data sending
D) Data communication

Answer Key : D


Q28 Which of the following is a correct comment in C++?

A) */ Comments */
B) /* Comment */
C) { Comment }
D) ** Comment **

Answer Key : B


Q29 Digital voltmeter converts __________.
A) Digital to analog signal
B) Current to voltage
C) Analog to digital signal
D) Resistance to voltage

Answer Key : C


Q30 Which of the following is an example of an active device?
A) Transformer       B) Electric bulb
C) Resistor                D) Transistors

Answer Key : D

Q31 __________ is a device which is used to connect multiple networks and passes packets from one packet to the other network.

A) Gateway B) Switch

C) Hub D) Proxy Server

Answer Key : A


Q32 Computer memory which allows simultaneous read and write operations is:

A) EPROM          B) RAM
C) ROM               D) EEPROM

Answer Key : B


Q33 For which of the following calculations can superposition principle be applied?

A) Voltage, current and power
B) Current and power
C) Voltage and current
D) Voltage and power

Answer Key : C


Q34 Which of the following is NOT a boot sector virus?

A) Stoned             B) Brain
C) Creeper           D) Elk cloner

Answer Key : C


Q35 Increased pulse width in the flat top sampling leads to-

A) Greater aliasing errors in reproduction
B) Attenuation of high frequencies in reproduction
C) No harmful effects in reproduction
D) Attenuation of low frequencies in reproduction

Answer Key : B

Q36 The electronic circuit that converts AC to DC where the DC output peak value can be greater than the AC input peak value is-

A) Clamper
B) Clipper
C) Amplifier
D) Voltage multiplier

Answer Key : D


Q37 When the peak power is 1000000 watts and the average power is 800 watts, then the duty cycle is-

A) 0.08 per cent B) 8 per cent
C) 0.8 per cent D) 0.008 per cent

Answer Key : A


Q38 What is a zip drive?

A) Software
B) A medium capacity removable disk storage system
C) An input device
D) An output device

Answer Key : B


Q39 What are the advantages of using Electrical transducers?

A) Large and portable
B) Small and non-portable
C) Reduce effects of friction
D) Large and non-portable

Answer Key : C


Q40 When the function is defined inside a class, it is called-

A) Member function
B) Data function
C) Member variable
D) Inline function

Answer Key : D

Q41 The drift of a hole in a semiconductor is brought by-

A) The vacancy being filled by a free electron

B) The vacancy being filled by a valence electron from a neighbouring atoms
C) The vacancy being filled by an ion
D) The movement of an atom in the solid

Answer Key : B

Q42 The RF signal strength at any point of the cable is measured by-

A) Wobbuloscope

B) Field strength meter
C) Oscilloscope
D) Multimeter

Answer Key : B


Q43 Which of the following keyword is used to transfer control from a function back to the calling function?

A) Switch              B) Goto
C) Go back            D) Return

Answer Key : D


Q44 Which of the following is NOT a semiconductor?

A) Selenium             B) Silicon
C) Germanium        D) Wood

Answer Key : D


Q45 What kind of computer program is used to convert mnemonic code to machine code?

A) Assembler          B) C++
C) Debug                  D) Fortran

Answer Key : A

Q46 Dielectric strength is expressed in __________ per unit thickness of the insulating material.

A) Amperes          B) Volts
C) Watts                D) Ohms

Answer Key : B


Q47 Three resistors each of 3 Ω are connected in parallel; the equivalent resistance is-

A) 6 Ω             B) 1/3 Ω
C) 1 Ω             D) 9 Ω

Answer Key : C

Q48 The technique of assigning a memory address to each I/O device in the computer system is called-

A) Memory-mapped I/O
B) Dedicated I/O
C) Ported I/O
D) Wired I/O

Answer Key : A


Q49 What is the value range for the standard integer type ‘int’?

A) -32768 to +32767
B) -65536 to +65536
C) 0 to 256
D) No specific range

Answer Key : A


Q50 Which of the following memories can be programmed once by the user and then cannot be erased and reprogrammed?

A) ROM                        B) EPROM
C) Flash Memory       D) EEPROM

Answer Key : A

Q51 A network is said to be linear if and only if-

A) Principle of additivity applies
B) Both Principle of additivity and Principle of homogeneity
C) Response is proportional to the excitation function
D) Principle of homogeneity applies

Answer Key : B


Q52 In which of the following types of A/D converter does the conversion time almost double for every bit added to the device?

A) Counter type A/D converter
B) Tracking type A/D converter
C) Successive approximation type A/D converter
D) Single slope integrating type A/D converter

Answer Key : A


Q53 In an E-R diagram attributes are represented by-

A) Triangle            B) Ellipse
C) Rectangle          D) Square

Answer Key : B


Q54 What is the process of designing more than 100 gates on a single chip?

A) VLSI          B) MSI
C) SSI             D) LSI

Answer Key : D

Q55 How many digits in binary notation are required for the decimal number 17?

A) 7     B) 6      C) 5       D) 4

Answer Key : C

Q56 OSI stands for-

A) Open System Interconnection
B) Open System Interdependence
C) Open Site Interdependence
D) Open Site Interconnection

Answer Key : A


Q57 A 0-25 A ammeter has a guaranteed accuracy of 1 percent of full scale reading. The current measured by this instrument is 10 A. Determine the limiting error in percentage.

A) 7.50%          B) 2.50%
C) 10.00%        D) 5.00%

Answer Key : B


Q58 Transformer coupling is not used in audio frequency amplifiers, because-

A) It introduces frequency distortion
B) All of the options
C) The cost of transformer is high D) The transformers are bulky

Answer Key : B


Q59 The thickness of a 50 Hz transformer lamination is-

A) 0.35 mm        B) 0.15 mm
C) 0.5 mm           D) 3.5 mm

Answer Key : A


Q60 Which of the following in NOT a type of Internetworking?

A) Extranet  B) Intranet
C) Internet   D) Local Area Network

Answer Key : D

Q61 Which logic gate is similar to the function of two parallel switches?

A) NOR           B) NAND
C) AND           D) OR

Answer Key : D


Q62 What is the full form of ISDN with respect to Communication Engineering?

A) Inter Subscriber Digital Network
B) Integrated Services Digital Network
C) Inter Services Digital Network D) Integrated Subscriber Digital Network

Answer Key : B


Q63 Four terminal approach is used in measuring low resistance because it-

A) Eliminates thermoelectric energy
B) Eliminates stray inductance
C) Eliminates the effect of leads and currents
D) Eliminates stray capacitance

Answer Key : C


Q64 A diode for which you can change the reverse bias and thus vary the capacitance is called a-

A) Switching diode
B) Tunnel diode
C) Varactor diode
D) Zener diode

Answer Key : C


Q65 The term “Delayed AGC” implies the application of AGC-

A) To the last stage of receiver
B) After some time lag
C) After switching on of on-off switch
D) Only when signal strength has increased beyond a specified value

Answer Key : D

Q66 What is the hexadecimal equivalent of this binary number (1110)2?

A) E        B) B        C) A        D) F

Answer Key : A


Q67 Which of the following antennas is the standard reference antenna for the directiveness?

A) Rhombic antenna
B) Isotropic antenna
C) Elementary doublet
D) Half wave doublet

Answer Key : B


Q68 E-mail address is made up of-

A) Three parts     B) Single part
C) Two parts        D) Four parts

Answer Key : C


Q69 A high Q-quartz crystal exhibits series resonance at the frequency ωs and parallel resonance at ωp, then-

A) ωs is very close, but greater than ωp
B) ωs << ωp
C) ωs >> ωp
D) ωs is very close but less than ωp

Answer Key : D


Q70 In case of amplifiers which coupling gives the highest gain?

A) Resistance coupling
B) Capacitance coupling
C) Impedance coupling
D) Transformer coupling

Answer Key : D

Q71 The RMS value and mean value is the same in the case of-

A) Half wave rectified sine wave
B) Sine wave
C) Symmetrical Square wave
D) Triangular wave

Answer Key : C


Q72 The 8085 has two registers known as primary data pointers. These are registers:

A) H and L         B) B and C
C) D and E          D) C and D

Answer Key : A


Q73 A __________ is an electronic circuit that changes the DC level of a signal to the desired level without changing the shape of the applied signal.

A) Rectifier          B) Clamper
C) Limiter            D) Slicer

Answer Key : B


Q74 Probability density function of thermal noise is-

A) Bessel              B) Poisson
C) Gaussian         D) Binomial

Answer Key : C


Q75 What is the effect of current shunt feedback in an amplifier?

A) Decrease both the input and output resistances
B) Decrease the input resistance and increase the output resistance
C) Increase the input resistance and decrease the output resistance D) Increase both input and output resistances

Answer Key : B

Q76 What is the built in library function to compare two strings?

A) strcmp()
B) str_cm()
C) str_compare()
D) string_cmp()

Answer Key : A


Q77 First In First Out (FIFO) is used in-
A) Queue                B) Tree
C) Linked list         D) Stack

Answer Key : A


Q78 Which symbol is used as a statement terminator in C?

A) ;      B) !      C) %     D) #

Answer Key : A


Q79 The reciprocal of resistance is-

A) Conductance
B) Henry
C) Impedance
D) Coulomb

Answer Key : A


Q80 A half wave rectifier requires-

A) Two diodes
B) One diode
C) Four diodes in a bridge formation
D) Metal rectifier in bridge formation

Answer Key : B

Q81 The register in the 8085A that is used to keep track of the memory address of the next op-code to be run in the program is the-

A) Instruction pointer
B) Program counter
C) Stack pointer
D) Accumulator

Answer Key : B


Q82 The function of de-emphasis circuit is-

A) To maintain adequate S/N ratio B) To bring back lower frequencies to their original level
C) To bring back higher frequencies to their original level D) To boost HF response of audio amplifier

Answer Key : C


Q83 ________ is used to measure pressure directly.

B) Rotameter
C) Bourdon tube
D) Strain gauge

Answer Key : C


Q84 Heating effect of electric current is used in-

A) Fan
B) Both fan and television
C) Television
D) Electric bulb

Answer Key : D


Q85 In an electrical circuit, fuse is blown and the circuit is cut-off due to-
A) Low voltage
 B) Excessive voltage    
C) Excessive current
 D) High inductance
Answer Key : C

Q86 The range of frequency generated by VHF oscillator is-

A) Above 3 GHz
B) 300 MHz – 3 GHz
C) 30 MHz – 300 MHz
D) 20 kHz – 30 MHz

Answer Key : C


Q87 __________ are electronic switches that actuate when a small external voltage is applied across the terminals.

A) Solid state relays
B) Latching relays
C) Reed relays
D) Electromechanical relays

Answer Key : A


Q88 The IC used for making a bidirectional universal shift register is-

A) 7498             B) 7495
C) 7494             D) 74194

Answer Key : D


Q89 Which of the following is called the address operator?

A) %       B) &       C) _        D) *

Answer Key : B


Q90 Which of the following components convert fixed DC to variable DC?

A) Rectifiers
B) Choppers
C) Inverters
D) Cycloconverters

Answer Key : B

Q91 A semiconductor has generally __________ valence electrons.

A) 2      B) 4       C) 6       D) 3

Answer Key : B


Q92 A network has 7 nodes and 5 independent loops. What is the total number of branches in this network?

A) 13     B) 10     C) 11    D) 12

Answer Key : C


Q93 Which of the following is used to change “Siva” into “Ramu” in the “FirstName” column in the Students table?

A) MODIFY Students SET FirstName=’Siva’ INTO FirstName=’Ramu’

B) UPDATE Students SET FirstName=’Ramu’ WHERE FirstName=’Siva’

C) UPDATE Students SET FirstName=’Siva’ INTO FirstName=’Ramu’

D) MODIFY Students SET FirstName=’Ramu’ WHERE FirstName=’Siva’

Answer Key : B


Q94 The other name for the common collector amplifier is-

A) Collect follower
B) Base follower
C) Emitter follower
D) Impedance follower

Answer Key : C


Q95 Gunn diode is made of-

A) Germanium    
B) Gallium Arsenide
C) Silicon
D) Selenium

Answer Key : B

Q96 In an 8085 microprocessor, the instruction CMP B has been executed while the contents of accumulator is less than that of register B. As a result, carry flag and zero flag will be respectively-

A) Reset, set
B) Set, set
C) Set, reset
D) Reset, reset

Answer Key : C


Q97 The intermediate frequency of a superhetrodyne receiver is 450 kHz. If it is tuned to 1200 kHz, the image frequency will be-

A) 900 kHz          B) 750 kHz
C) 1600 kHz        D) 2100 kHz

Answer Key : D




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